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All our supplements made in the USA!

TMM Manufacturing is a leading nutraceuticals products manufacturer. We believe in manufacturing only the highest quality, made in the USA products. We are a full-service liquid supplement manufacturer located in Ogden, Utah. Regardless of where your company is located, our supplement manufacturing facility is ideal for shipping domestically and internationally.

Keeping American jobs here in america

We believe in the importance of creating and maintaining jobs for Americans. Today’s environment is a new economic world. Many of our competitors are outsourcing their manufacturing needs to factories outside the United States.

We at TMM Manufacturing have a strong conviction that it is important to continue to grow the economic capabilities of our once industrial nation. At TMM, we employ over 25 highly experienced team members. We are proud to be a liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturer who has not outsourced its manufacturing overseas. We believe in the importance of jobs for Americans here at home.

Safety and quality assurance

We here at TMM, along with many others, believe it is important that vitamins and supplements show the “Made in USA” label on the bottle. It gives customers assurance and peace of mind that the supplement products they are purchasing are made of high-quality ingredients and manufactured at industry-approved facilities.

At TMM Manufacturing, we make our products with premium ingredients, following strict and safe protocols. Our facility is NSF registered and our manufacturing process complies with all FDA guidelines and GMP compliance standards. Being a vitamin and supplement manufacturer with products made in the USA carries a lot of weight in the supplement industry and great pride within the TMM team. We value quality and, customer satisfaction above all.

Get your liquid supplements made in the USA!

We at TMM Manufacturing have over a decade of experience in the liquid supplement business. We value keeping jobs here in the United States to provide employment opportunities for many Americans. We value following safe, high-quality manufacturing standards which meet or exceed the guidelines set by the FDA and current GMP compliance. Our facility is NSF registered to ensure that we are following the strictest quality control requirements for manufacturing quality vitamins and supplements that are safe and beneficial for all consumers.

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