Private Label

Why private label?

Private label brands are making a rise in the health supplements industry in recent years because private label products enable companies to have greater control over the formulas and supply. Private label products build loyalty to company brands and keep customers returning for more products.

In addition to building client loyalty to your brand, private label products can expand the reach and range of products you offer without carrying the burdens of extensive research and development time and fees and astronomical production costs. Our services will save you valuable time and money and will provide you with high-quality products that you will be proud to offer customers.

We've got you covered

At TMM Manufacturing, we give our clients access to our robust collection of tried-and-true, top-of-the-line liquid vitamin, supplement, and powder products to use in their own private label collections.

The supplements we manufacture are already superior-quality, top sellers in the market. Manufacturing these products in bulk and then offering them through our private label service gives private companies access to our tried-and-true formulas and allows us to keep our private label prices much lower. This gives you the opportunity to set your own retail price that is competitive in the market.

Products we're able to manufacture for you

We have over 100+ products to choose from. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! If we don’t have it, we can make it.

Sports Nutrition
Bone & Joint
Immune Support
Stress & Sleep
Digestive Health
Children's Health
General Health
Single Mineral

Let's work Together

We will work with you to design a custom label for your brand of liquid supplements, vitamins, or powders that will make your product shine. We’ll handle the intricacies of the production process to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products with your company’s private label branding.  

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We’d love to help you grow your brand and increase your business through our private label services. Please contact us for pricing or with any other questions you may have.

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