Contract Manufacturing

Looking for a contract manufacture?

Do you have a formula or product that you love and trust, but you need someone else to handle the production process? Look no further! At TMM Manufacturing, we use our years of production experience to take the stress of production off your shoulders while producing the products you believe in.

Years of Experience

After years of manufacturing our own array of products, we’re proud to offer our services to companies who need an extra hand. Our highly skilled team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to manufacture your products just how you like them.

Our Facility

We have two liquid lines that can accommodate bottles from 1oz. to 32 oz. of different shapes and materials with full shrink or adhesive labels, shrink and heat-sealing options, and flexible placement options for expiration dates and lot numbers. We also have multiple powder mixing and packaging machines available for use.

Quality Assurance Testing

Throughout the bottling process, bottles are tested to verify consistency of weight, viscosity, appearance, taste, and color. Before they are boxed and sent to you, bottles are checked for correct seals, labels, expiration dates, and lot numbers.

Each step of our production process is peppered with quality assurance tests to ensure that quality standards are being met and that resulting products are packaged according to standard requirements and customer satisfaction. Your product will be in good hands at TMM Manufacturing.

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It would be a pleasure to manufacture the products that are important to you. To learn more about our contract manufacturing services, contact us at (801)-528-5644.

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