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Looking for a custom Formula?

Whether you’re looking to revise a formula you’ve already been using or to create something totally new, or even to reverse-engineer a formula you’ve seen done before, we at TMM Manufacturing are here to help. We’re passionate about partnering with companies to create products they’re proud of.

We are all about helping you to grow your brand by creating high-quality products that you and your customers can trust. We value your preferences throughout the product development process, and we keep you updated all along the way.  

We have the know-how

As we’ve formulated, manufactured, and problem-solved with our own vast collection of products, our team has gained a priceless wealth of knowledge to offer throughout the process of formulating new products or revising old products.

Our highly capable team knows what factors must be considered when it comes to things like ingredient selection, color, flavor, form of the product, packaging, and much more. They can introduce better formulations that raise the quality of your products and advise you on the types of raw ingredients that can be integrated into your supplement formula considering your budget. They can make valuable recommendations throughout the whole product development process.

Timely Production Times

Because we are located in the United States and keep a well-stocked warehouse, we can offer prompt turn-around times. Whether your order is large or small, we aim to get your custom product into your hands as quickly as possible.  

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You can be sure that we at TMM Manufacturing will be a worthy partner to formulate your custom products. We’d be delighted to help create a formula you’re proud of.   

To learn more about creating a custom formula with us, call us at (801)-528-5644.    

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