Our Quality Guarantee

How do we ensure High Quality supplements?

At TMM Manufacturing, we believe in meeting the highest standards of quality with each product we manufacture. Therefore, we employ several safeguards to maintain the excellent quality of our products.

Third-party Inspections

To ensure that we are strictly adhering to GMP and FDA standards of compliance and our personal quality control standards, we conduct regular third-party inspections by various industry and government agencies and organizations as well as internal audits.

Raw Ingredient Testing

To further guarantee high quality products, we test all raw ingredients for potency, purity and other qualifications as we receive them. This is done before any ingredient can be used in any of the products.

Production Testing

We continue testing in each phase of production to ensure that an identical mixture of ingredients is used in each batch. Once production is complete, a final test is carried out on the product before it is taken to the market to confirm that it meets our quality standards.

Our in-house Laboratory

Because of the need for various testing through out the production process, we employ an in-house high standard laboratory for many of the tests. Using this state-of-the-art laboratory for testing has enabled us to achieve our superior quality standards for each of our products.      

Come visit us

TMM Manufacturing invites you to visit our GMP and FDA-compliant production facility in Ogden, Utah to take a tour of our location. You will be able to see first-hand how we operate and the care and efficiency our team uses regarding our manufacturing systems, processes, and procedures. No doubt you will notice an immediate difference when compared to other non-GMP compliant supplement companies in the industry.     

Let us Help you

You can rest assured that as liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturers, there is no one better than the TMM Manufacturing team. We truly believe that TMM Manufacturing is the best GMP supplement manufacturer in the US, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.   

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